Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Post

This blog is going to be used for "in-character" reporting on my insurgent wargames, most notably - AK47 Republic games in the country of Ztumre/Zumsia.

The idea is to provide an area separate of the Tiny Metal Men blog that is a repository for all of the fictional background for games, and also for after action reports.  TMM will function as the main modelling blog and will provide information regarding more historically-based wargames.

The blog takes its name from an early episode of "Yes Minister".
If you don't know what I mean, check out the video below.

Hopefully information will start to trickle in outlining everything over the next through months.
Stay Tuned!


Adik said...

Very exciting! I am look forward to updates on this new project!

I am going down the very same road with my fictional Republic of Lopongo. I was waiting for the delivery of an order of miniatures, which i will use for the first "fighting" scenario. Alas, the US Postal Service lost the package! So, I am apparently stuck with an annoying delay, and I have not reported any significant breaking news about Lopongo for almost one month. Hopefully, I'll catch up soon! In the meanwhile, I had a few unrelated posting on my Gaming blog, DestoFante.

Anyway - I am really enjoy your work - looking forward to read more!


ScannableGoose said...

Thanks Adik
Qui Lopongo was actually part of the inspiration for my attempt here.
I have a long way to go but it should be a bit of fun!

ScannableGoose said...

Hope those miniatures turn up soon!